I am happy to present once again the announcement of our most-awaited video release.

However it is important to share some information with all of you to dispel the misunderstanding, that seems to be present and avoid any future ones.

The film we created is a parody on Agent 007 series, it is made as an entertaining film. It was a thrilling adventure to create it, we've come a long way to do it.

We have been learning the flamenco dance techniques for so long, that it has started to become our expression language. Very far from being perfect, it is a -means- for us to tell the story. I am personally deeply thankful to all my teachers who have guided me and continue to guide through this culture. I want to stress that the story we are telling is fictional, does not correlate to any traditional flamenco plot.

We heartily love each other, we are parents, teachers, artists, business- men and women. We are dreamers. The weapons in our hands (not real, of course) is a symbol of strength — to fight the doubt, we inner weakness, the fears. In real life the art gives us strength, so our real «weapon» is ART.

Hoping to entertain you as much as we are entertained by the film. Looking forward to release.

Stay with us, «save the date» — August 30!

Antonio Derbilov as "The Villian Agent"

Alexandra Ole Prima & Viktorya Shyryayeva as "The Elegant & Sexy Agents"

Production Oleg Belikov

Direction Alexandra Ole Prima